Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bumper Cars

This past week the boys and I spent some time downstairs in the courtyard of our apartment complex.  Good thing we have two push carts, because these little guys are starting to get fixated on whatever it is that the other one has.  But with two of these, they can push away to their heart's content.  And that's what they did... for an entire hour!
E: Max, I said STOP crashing into me!

M: Hey, whatcha lookin' at, Elliot?

M: Ha ha, try and catch me Elliot!

And coming up from behind, Elliot takes the lead.


Janet said...

Hi, Malia --
Without sounding trivial, REALLY long time, no see. Looks as if you all are happy and healthy and thriving in Portland. Since Sara has you as a link on her blog, I visit your site often and always enjoy your thoughts and photos. Your baby is beautiful; you are blessed.
I have a teacher friend who has recently moved to Portland from Long Beach - so recently, in fact, that they just moved into their house late this week. Every time you mention a restaurant, store or park, I forward the link to Christina to add to her list of "must visit" places. Hope you don't mind being the faceless guide to Portland. LOL.
I look forward to more, more, more!

amuma Deb said...

Oh Malia! These little boys are so fun and cute and precious!!!. I just love the wonderful looks on their faces. This blog is so wonderful. It really lights up my life.

Malia said...

Amuma Deb. I love that you love this blog so much. xoxo

Malia said...

Janet! I am so glad you visit the blog. As you say, we are truely blessed by having Elliot in our lives. And getting to know your little grands on Cooper, Party of 4, as well as reconnecting with Sara, has been wonderful, too! And I'm happy to be the Portland tourguide for your friend. I love it here and hope her family is settling in well. She's welcome to contact me if there's anything she needs. ~M

Janet said...

I gave my friend Christina (Moran) the link to your blog today. So don't be surprised if you hear from her. She's LOTS of fun and has two little kids; just don't believe anything she says about me. And thanks for being her guide! It's always good to know someone who knows her way around!